Coolest Portsmouth FC Shirt Cake

I made this Portsmouth FC Shirt cake for my nephew’s 21st birthday as he is an avid Portsmouth fan. I baked a rectangle cake and cut to shape. The hardest part was making the parts of the shirt that are golden, I used a gold powder over some almond coloured icing. It was difficult to put these bits on the shirt without is going onto the dark blue. It did on a couple of bits and I rubbed a small ball of blue icing over it to pick it up and this worked okay.

He was very pleased with it and since then I have had to make a couple for other people!

1 thought on “Coolest Portsmouth FC Shirt Cake”

  1. I just love the cake. Well done. Its my son’s 21st in June and I’m on the look out for something special for him. He’s an avid Ipswich Town supporter so perhaps something like this.

    Well done.

    I love this site, so many ideas.

    Well done again.

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