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Pretty Homemade Prego Belly Baby Shower Cake

This Pregnant Belly Baby Shower Cake is my very first cake decorating experience. I bought a Pyrex glass bowl to make the belly, two Pyrex glass custard bowls to make the breasts, and made one sheet cake to place them on.

I baked the cakes the night before decorating (I used two box mixes). I leveled out the sheet cake after cooling on a wire rack. I put the sheet cake, belly and breasts in the fridge over night. The next day, I frosted all cakes with Buttercream frosting and arranged the cakes how I wanted them on-top of the sheetcake (the sheetcake was placed on a cardboard cake board).

I rolled out three 8 oz boxes of pre-made white fondant, enough to cover the entire cake and have extra overhang. I trimmed the fondant with a pizza cutter around the cake board and left extra hanging over the bottom for the bottom of the dress. I dyed the extra fondant brown with liquid food coloring and cut into strips with a knife for the dress trim and bow. I used a pink food coloring spray on the bottom of the dress and purchased the satin flowers for extra decoration.

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  1. I want to make this type of cake but all the samples I have found make the dress doesn’t flow over the belly like yours. I would like to know what size glass bowls you used and the size of the sheet pan. Also Did you place the boobs on top of the sheet cake or at the top. Awesome cake.


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