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Coolest Pregnant Belly Cake

I made this Pregnant Belly Cake for a friend’s mama blessing. I got the idea from this website. I also got some tips from Rondalv on youtube.

I baked the belly in a glass Pyrex bowl and the boobs in a small stainless steel bowl. After the cakes cooled I arranged them on a platter and then frosted the cake. The bowl I used for the belly had a flat bottom so I added a little extra frosting to round out the belly. I then rolled out the fondant using some powdered sugar to be sure it didn’t stick. I then rolled the fondant up on my rolling pin and slowly unrolled it over my cake.

I smoothed it softly with my hands to get the curves I wanted. I used a sharp knife to cut around the belly and bosoms, leaving the bottom long to create a flow effect for the dress. The bottom edges where a little rough, so I used scissors to trim up the bottom. I bought colored fondant for the belt, flower and stars. I made the rose by hand. You could probably find a tutorial on the web with detailed instructions on how to do different flowers. This was my first time using fondant. It’s so easy to use and looks amazing.

The blessing was at a restaurant and the cake was the center piece. People kept stopping to look at the cake and a few even took pictures! We we’re joking that I should’ve had business cards next to the cake!

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