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Coolest Present Birthday Cake

I made this Present Birthday Cake for my niece’s 8th birthday. It was the first cake I made with fondant. She and all her friends loved it!!

I used Wilton fondant, 1 small box. I baked the cake in a 8in round pan, 1 layer of chocolate and 1 layer of yellow. I put strawberry filling and butter cream in between the layers. I crumb coated it. I dyed about half the fondant green (her favorite color) with food coloring.

I covered the cake with the fondant. I dyed about a quarter of the left over fondant pink (her birthstone color). I cut strips of the white fondant out for the ribbon and to make some of the loops in the bow. I used the left over green fondant to make bow loops. After the bow loops were done setting, I attached the white ribbon strips and the loops using a damp brush. I made little balls with the pink fondant and slightly flattened them and attached them to ribbon strips with a damp brush.

I attached pink ribbon strips to the bottom of the cake. I took a toothpick and carved the scroll things onto the cake. It was fun and simple to make!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Present Birthday Cake”

  1. We are all sooooo proud of you. Allison and her friends (and their Moms) were all thrilled with the cake.

    Keep up the good work, we all knew you were the Greatest, now the rest of the world knows too!


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