Coolest Present Cake

A friend of my daughter’s wanted a black and pink cake and this Present Cake is what I made.

I started by making the bow as this needed to be left for a few days to dry out. I colored ½ flower paste, ½ fondant icing in different colored pinks. This was then rolled out to about 1/8th inch thick. I then pressed a pattern into the fondant and then cut into 1” strips about 6” long. I then (with a little water) attached the two ends together, then cut the ends to form a point, and placed them on their sides and shaped them into a tear drop shape. These were left a few days to dry out.

I then made the cake topper. I cut out the numbers 30 about ½ inch thick and inserted a wire inside them. I then set them aside to set for a few days to dry out before covering in edible glitter. Then I made the stars in black and pink and attached these to wires.

I baked a 10” square sponge cake. I sliced it in half and filled with butter cream and jam and sandwiched them together. I then covered the whole cake in butter cream and set aside in the fridge to chill for about an hour.

Meanwhile I started to color the icing in black. For this I had to use black extra food coloring paste. It took me about ½ hour if not more to color 1 ½ kg of white icing (you need to use black extra, as I have used black in the past and the darkest it goes is grey). I used a little water too to help it to develop. It was then left about ½ hour to develop.

When the icing was black I covered the whole cake and this was left to harden. Next day it was ready to decorate. I rolled out some fondant icing in pink and pressed in a pattern as I did for the bow. This was then cut into strips to be placed across the cake. I made two of these to form a cross. I then placed the cake topper in the center of the cake and then started to attach the bow around it attaching with royal icing in the same colour as the bow until it was finished.

It was my first black and pink cake, I was really pleased with the end result.

Homemade Present Cake