Coolest Princess and the Frog Cake

My daughter was turning three, and she wanted nothing more than a Homemade Princess and the Frog Cake for her birthday.

I was inspired by the figurines, which I bought at a local Disney Store. I thought they looked absolutely lovely. I am just starting out with cake decorating, and was totally scared of fondant, so I was thrilled to be able to buy the characters instead. I also was inspired by some very professional cakes that I saw on the internet.

The cake itself is a plain chocolate box cake, made with two different sizes of tin. I did a practice cake first to ensue that one wouldn’t collapse on to the other! I then covered the two stacked cakes in a zillion tiny iced stars, using an icing recipe from Wilton which is my go-to. I coloured the icing in four different shades of blue to blue-green, which added to the whimsical feel of the cake.

My favorite part was making the rocks, bulrushes, lily flowers, pads and tendrils out of fondant. The rocks were relatively easy, coloured with black Wilton gel and covered in tiny holes made by a toothpick. The bulrushes were coloured with brown Wilton gel colour and stuck on the top of toothpicks. The lilypads were the hardest part of get right. I used them to anchor the more unstable characters, which was a great practical and pretty solution to an otherwise tricky problem. I loved the lily flowers, even though my original plan of a buttercream icing flower was a total failure! Instead, the fondant versions held their shape and looked great. The tendrils were made with green coloured fondant, wrapped around skewers until firm, then slid off and placed.

The only shame of the whole thing is that my daughter only got to see the cake for about 15 seconds before she wanted a piece!! She was absolutely thrilled, and the look on her face was completely precious.

All in all, the cake took about 45 minutes baking time, several hours to cool and chill, and about three hours to decorate start to finish.

Homemade Princess and the Frog Cake

Homemade Princess and the Frog Cake

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  1. So far this is the most beautiful cake and eye catching I saw on my research on internet for The princess and the frog theme. You did a great job and the colors are my favorite part! I ill try to repeat your masterpiece for my friend daughter that will turn 4 in 2 weeks! Thank you again!


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