My daughter kept changing her mind about what type of cake she wanted for her 3rd birthday party. It kept changing between Peppa Pig, Minnie Mouse, Disney princess and Barbie! So I didn’t start planning her Princess Barbie birthday cake until a few days before. I have only sculpted a few cakes before so wasn’t quite sure how it was going to turn out, but it actually was one of the easiest I have made!

I used a Pyrex round bowl to get the top of the skirt shape and 2 small sandwich tins to build up the height, once butter creamed and jammed between all layers, I stabilized it all with a kebab stick and then sculpted the sponge to get full affect of skirt. Then I dug out a small dip at top and checked that barbie with no legs fitted in! Then crumb coated it with butter cream.

Next I rolled and cut small strips of white icing and using a cocktail stick I rolled over the strip edges to make ruffles and attached them all around the base of the skirt, I did 2 layers. Then kneaded some white icing with a drop of pink food coloring, rolled it out to a large circle and carefully placed over the top, working quickly to get a draping effect and trimming where necessary.Then added some pink picking onto top Barbie doll and stuffed her into the hole!

The rest was just decoration, a few flowers, a bow on the back and a large 3.

I was really pleased with the outcome and my daughter loved it.