Coolest Princess Belle Cake

My daughter loves Princess Belle, so for her 3rd birthday she asked for a cake that looked like a Homemade Princess Belle Cake. I was a bit intimidated because I’ve only done sheet cakes, but after brainstorming and looking at other pics for ideas, I came up with a plan to use bundt pans. I used three sizes. The largest one for the bottom, then a medium sized one and then for around the waist I used a small bundt cake from what looks like a cupcake pan (instead of round cupcakes, it made bundt cake shaped cupcakes).

I did a crumb coating and then stacked each cake and then I stuffed the center holes with leftover cupcakes to help stabilize the doll. The doll that I used was a Belle Barbie doll. The rest of the cake I pretty much winged it. I had no idea how the design of the dress would turn out. My original plan for the dress design did not look good, so I had to smooth out the buttercream and I ended up piping stars all over the place.

My daughter was so surprised and excited. She loved the cake so much that she was sad to eat it. Of course, after her first bite, she didn’t have a problem finishing it off. This cake took me all day to do. It probably wouldn’t take me as long as it did, however, I kind of made things up as I worked on it. Now that I know how to make the cake, it probably will only take me a few hours to complete it. But no matter how long it took to make this cake, it was worth the payoff of seeing my little girls face the first time she saw it.