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Coolest Princess Birthday Cake

I made this gorgeous African Princess birthday cake for an friend’s pretty daughter on her 5th birthday! The girl is a new kid in the same Kindergarten as my 5 year old daughter, she has always admired the cakes I make for my daughter and other kids in the Kindergarten. So she told her mum that she wanted me to do her birthday cake.

I used the Wilton Doll Cake pan for the top half of the cake and the bottom part was another 24 cm/10″ chocolate cake sandwiched with chocolate ganache. The cake was iced in my home-made lime butter cream icing. I decorated it with different size royal icing Drop flowers and and used a Carnation at the waist as a belt hook.

The girl loved her cake and was “really proud to have such a pretty cake” her mother later reported to me.

I am happy to say that this Doll Cake was one of my three cakes that was featured on iReport for CNN, here is the link:


I sent in a story about what I am doing to survive this slow economic times and before you know it, three of my cakes appeared on the show. I was really proud and happy. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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