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Coolest Princess Cake

I made this princess cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She is so into the Disney princesses and couldn’t decide on just one.

I made a 14″ round base cake and then 4 mini wonder mold cakes for the princess dress bottoms. I used 4 of my daughter’s tiny princess dolls instead of doll picks to keep the them looking like the “real” princesses. Cut to fit a dowel that will hold the doll on top and go through the dress cake and bottom layer cake. I stretch wrapped the dowel in between the dolls legs to create on solid doll “pick.”

After frosting the bottom layer & the doll dress bottoms, I placed the dress bottoms onto the cake. Decorate the princess tops separately. When ready place the princess “pick” decorated into the dress bottoms already on the cake…voila complete princess. Then finish up the dresses, pipe wording and decorate bottom cake as you wish.

I just finished a Wilton Course I class and I was pretty proud of myself for getting this together.

20 thoughts on “Coolest Princess Cake”

  1. This is beautiful! You did a great job incorporating all four of the princess’ on this cake. I would have never thought to try all four. Thanks for sharing this wonderful cake.

  2. My granddaughter wants a Princess cake tomorrow, but she wants a barn with the princesses so I won’t be making this one 3D. But I will definitely keep this cake in mind for the next Princess cake I am asked to do.

  3. just wanted to say its a wonderful cake I’m picking this cake to make my little girl. thanks for a great idea (I hope mine comes out as good as yours)

  4. I’m planning to do this cake for my granddaughter’s birthday and need to know the size of the dolls you used. I bought the mini wonder molds. Thanks for a wonderful cake idea!!

  5. You can order Disney doll ‘picks’ from Amazon. I got a pack of three for my daughter’s cake which are perfect for the Wilton mini-molds, and the set included Belle, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Couldn’t find a Snow White. Good luck!!

  6. This picture will bring back wonderful memories!
    I’m in the process of making a doll cake for my granddaughter and was looking for tips.

  7. My name’s Chiara I write from Italy.
    I’m sorry for my bad English!!!
    Can you give me a video to make a mold princess?
    Thank for all
    Best regards

  8. I have never taken a class nor decorate cakes, but this is FABULOUS after one class. I hope you enjoy doing this, because I am sure your friends and family will be asking for cakes now… all the time. THIS IS GREAT!

  9. Wow! Such a lovely cake.You are truly talented. Your daughter is so fortunate to have a mother like you. :)Wish you could a bake a cake like this for my girl too.

  10. Wow, I am SO impressed! I am planning a princess party for my girl who will be 5 this week-end! I need help doing her cake, I hope I can pull one off that’s at least half as decent! : )


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