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Coolest Princess Cake

This beautiful homemade princess cake was made for my granddaughter’s 8th birthday. I baked one cake in a mixing bowl, and two more 9” rounds (it’s amazing how tall a Barbie-type doll is from waist to tippy-toes! I still had to build it up a bit at the waist with cake trimmings).

I wrapped the doll in cling wrap and stood her in a hole through the middle of the three cakes, then trimmed them into a bell-skirt shape.

Using fondant icing, I tinted it the colors my granddaughter wanted, then rolled it out and formed the dress, a tube for the bodice, and a shawl to wrap around the shoulders (much easier than trying to make sleeves!).

I piped shells and stars around the edges with soft frosting, then cut flowers from the rolled fondant and stuck them on to the skirt with little dots of frosting. I realized that the doll’s long blond hair covered the fancy bow I’d made on the back (more fondant icing!) so I tied it up on top with matching ribbons.

Finally I “painted” the bodice and the front panel of the skirt with Wilton’s white Pearl Dust. One very happy granddaughter!

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