Coolest Princess Cake

I was asked if I could make a princess cake for a friend of my daughter in law’s family. Well, I love a challenge and started to make the princess. I looked into how to make the figure on YouTube and set about making it.

It’s the first princess cake I’ve made and was really pleased how the princess had turned out. I used 1/2 fondant 1/2 flower paste to make the icing easier to work with and it hardens too. I made the shape of the body and head first and then the dress was added. When this was dry I then made the arms and using my modeling tools I shaped the neckline of the dress and made patterns on it too.

I then painted the face on the head. With some brown roll out icing using small pieces at a time I made the hair. I now made some yellow and pink roses and some chunky green leaves and also cut out some small flowers in different colors. I cut out the number 4 in blue icing and attached a couple of flowers to it and set it aside to dry. I cut out all the letters for the wording. These were all left for a few days to dry out.

I baked a 10″ vanilla sponge cake and filled with jam and butter cream and then the whole cake was covered in butter cream and placed in the freezer to chill. Meanwhile I rolled out enough icing in white to cover the cake and when the cake had chilled I covered it. I set it aside for a few hours for the icing to harden.

Now I piped a white beading around the base of the cake and then attached the yellow and pink roses and the leaves to the base of the cake I had made earlier using royal icing. I then attached the small flowers to the cake board and then attached the princess and the wording to the top of the cake.

The young girl came to collect it and she loved it. Yet another pleased customer!

Coolest Princess Cake