Coolest Princess Castle Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Princess Castle Birthday Cake for my friend’s daughter. I got the idea from a similar one I had made for my own daughters birthday as she is very much a little princess herself.

To start I made 3 sponge’s. The base of the castle I made 2x8inch chocolate sponges and filled them with chocolate butter cream filling. The sponge used for the top of the castle I made a 6inch chocolate sponge.

I then took some fondant icing and coloured it pink. After colouring the icing I wrapped it in cling film to make the pink come to life.

While waiting for the icing I coated the sponges in apricot glaze to seal them so bits of sponge did not crumble under the icing, and also it gives a good hold on the icing. I then rolled the icing over the sponges and left to set for and hour, while that was drying on the cake I started making the door and windows. To make the corners and points I used ice cream cones, Which I cut in half.

I made up some purple fondant for the points and the corners which the points sit in I cut in half and covered them with pink fondant icing.

To keep the windows, door and points on the castle I used edible glue which you can get from and cake decoration store. The door I used a sugar flair dusting, Terracotta and again you cake get this from your local cake shop.

So now my cake was ready to decorate so I glued the windows, door, and corners with points on. I then had to make the walls and flags so I measured the depth on the base of the castle and cut 4 pieces of fondant and glued them to all 4 corners of the castle, The flags I measured the all round the top of the base and made strips and made them about a centre meter and half each in width and just made little slices in them.

Now every thing had been fixed on I wanted to make the castle pretty so I made so green royal icing and piped on so growing vines all round the castle walls, I used a 2.5 piping nozzle and done little flicks to make leaves. I bought a tub of candy flowers form my local cake shop and glued them on all around to look like the vine had flowered which really brought the castle to life.

Homemade Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Birthday Cake

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