Coolest Princess Castle Cake Idea

My friend’s daughter was turning 7 and wanted a Princess castle theme cake. We went online and looked on this site and saw many castle cakes. We got some really great ideas and then decided to attempt making one ourselves. this is our Princess Castle Cake Idea. We baked 3 box cake mixes (Pillsbury Butter Golden Recipe is my favorite box cake mix, very moist).

The bottom layer was a 9 X 13, the next layer was an 11 x 8, the next layer was an 8 x 8, and then the top layer was also an 8 x 8. I had to cut the 8 x 8’s down so that their would be room on the sides for the castle peaks (ice cream cones).

We iced the entire cake white, with a homemade whip cream icing. It was very tasty, but became runny and didn’t hold up at all. So we had to make a butter cream icing that would be firmer. We used red food coloring to make the icing pink. We made the castle peaks with ice cream cones. We used cake cones for the bases. And the party color theme was pink and green so we alternated the colors to make the base and give it some height. We rolled the sugar cones in white chocolate and sprinkled them immediately with pink sugar crystals. We used Vanilla flavored almond bark and melted it in a sauce pan and rolled the sugar cones using salad tongs to hold them. After they were dipped, we placed them upside down on a butter spray bottle and then transferred them on to wax paper to continue hardening over night.

We decorated the castle with valentine hearts and small marshmallows lining the edges going around the entire cake. We sprinkled more pink sugar crystals on the top where we placed the princess figurines (from the dollar store) and the #7 candle. We also placed star wand party favors from the dollar store as well. We put more princess figurines at the bottom of the cake on the board for decoration.

We had a great time and her little princess loved her princess castle cake!

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