Coolest Princess Doll Cake for a 4th Birthday

My friend’s daughter always wanted to have a Princess Cake on her birthday. I made this Princess Doll Cake for a 4th Birthday to surprise her.

I used the chocolate cake mix for the cake, bake as directed using the angel cake tube pan and shape it before frosting. For frosting I used 1½L of fresh cream with stabilizer and did not put any sugar to so that it won’t be too sweet. Since I used the tube pan, it is easy to put the doll in the middle.

I removed the skirt of the doll and wrapped it with plastic wrap and also I removed the shoes of the doll to have a better height proportion and just inserted the doll in the hole. The doll’s hair was tied up so that it wouldn’t go into the cake frosting.

To decorate the cake, tint ½ of the whipped cream into pink. Cover the cake with white frosting smoothly and draw the pattern on the skirt and start to decorate with pink using floret tip following the pattern of the skirt and then finish the skirt with white cream using floret tip too.

She was speechless when she saw the cake and didn’t want to cut it for her guests.