Coolest Princess Doll Cake

My daughter Ramiyah requested a ” Princess Doll Cake” for her birthday this  year. I recently started baking and thought it would be fun to make one instead of purchasing one.  I  sought inspiration online and then set about gathering ingredients.  This cake was prepared using a 9″ round and an old ovenware dish that I had in the cupboard.

The top was made from a boxed chocolate mix but the bottom was made from scratch using an old recipe I had since high school.  The chocolate frosting is also store bought  and the pink is a simple buttercream frosting that I tinted in her favorite color.  The hearts are store bought, which were perfect but quite honestly tasted awful. I used a small drinking glass to cut the holes in the cakes which ended up being too big so we had to put pieces of cake in the hole to keep the doll up.

We also took the legs off the doll since our cakes weren’t tall enough to accommodate the height of the doll.  All things considered Ramiyah and I had a great time preparing this cake together, she is quite the helper and offered encouragement every step of the  way with her “your doing a great job mommy….I like it” she was so excited when I arrived at her school with her cake. As I entered her classmates clapped and cheered, squeals of delight filled the air