Coolest Princess Jasmine Cake 6

My daughter asked for a Jasmine Cake (from Aladdin) and she wanted to wear her dress up costume to match. Well, I’m no baker, but borrowed the tin from a friend and made 2 packets of Greens Butter cake mix.

I have a fan forced oven and found that I had to tinker around with the timing as I have a bad habit of burning the outside and still having the inside of the cake raw or gooey. I had it in the oven on 160degrees Celsius for 40mins initially and checked it every 5 minutes with a wooden skewer (I didn’t have a metal one) for an additional 25mins.

After I took it out of the oven I left it in the tin until it was cooled. I then put it in the freezer overnight as I wanted it to be easy to ice the next day. Well at this stage I realized that it wasn’t tall enough, so back to the shop and bought another Greens butter cake mix and made it in a 20cm round tin. This worked perfectly for a base.

The next day I got the cake out of the freezer, waited 1hr for it to semi-defrost then placed the bake on top of the round cake (I carefully cut a small amount off the top of the round cake to make it flat – which I ate all by myself ).

I made a butter icing, yeah more butter. I bought 2 250gm, added them both to 2 and half cups of sifted icing sugar and a quarter of a cup of warm milk. I stirred like crazy and used the beaters to make it into a lovely workable icing.

The colour was only by chance and was lots of drops (one at a time) of blue food colouring. Wooo hoooo this was the result. I also piped around the edges in the small amount of icing that I didn’t colour.

Not bad considering I haven’t baked a successful cake in over 10 years!

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