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Coolest Princess Jasmine’s Arabian Castle Cake

My daughter is having a Princess Jasmine theme party this year. I decided to make her an Arabian Castle cake to match the theme.

I baked two 5-inch round cakes, two half dome cakes using the Wilton Sports ball pan, a rectangle cake and 2 cupcakes.

I baked the cakes one day before I decorate them so that I could freeze them first so as to make the cutting and carving easier. I cut 4 rounds out of the rectangle cake. The plan is to stack them in twos to form the two smaller towers. If you have a larger rectangular pan, you can cut 6 and use the balance 2 for the roof of the smaller towers. My pan is smaller, so I used 2 cupcakes for the roof of the towers.

The two 5-inch cakes are stacked to form the main tower. For the roof of the main tower, I slice off the top of one of the dome cakes so that it can sit on the tower. The second dome goes on top.

For the decorations, I used rolled purple fondant cut into rectangular shapes and wrap them round the 3 towers.

For the roofs, I used fondant to shape the roof’s pointed ends, and covered them with gold/yellow rolled fondant. Then they are finally placed onto their respective towers. Edgings and details like door, window and pathway are added. Finally toy figurines added to complete the look.

I did not add dowel sticks to the main tower to support the weight of roof, so the weight caused the fondant on the tower to wrinkle by evening. So if you want to try this design, it will be better to add dowel sticks to your cake.

I had been planning Princess Jasmine’s Arabian Castle Cake in my head, and was not sure how long I’d need to complete the decorating it. In the end, it did not take long, and I completed it way before the time of the party. I received many compliments for this cake.

Princess Jasmine's Arabian Castle Cake

Princess Jasmine's Arabian Castle Cake

Princess Jasmine's Arabian Castle Cake

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