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Coolest Princess Peach Birthday Cake

My daughter Serena is a real Princess Peach fan, so for her 7th birthday, I gave her a Princess Peach Birthday Cake! I started by baking a regular 8 in round cake followed by baking a smaller Pyrex glass bowl to sit on top of the round. I iced the cake in light pink buttercream, followed by piping pink scalloped bottom edge of dress in dk pink.

I then outlined the scallops and the pleats of the dress in white. The bottom border is just a trimmed off pastry bag piped in dots. The top part of the cake, Peach’s head and arms are made out of fondant. I made the shoulders out of pink fondant rolled into balls and toothpicked them to the chest, shaped out of fondant. The head was made separately out of flesh colored fondant, then the yellow hair was shaped around the head and anchored to it with buttercream.

The crown was made out of lt yellow fondant and anchored to the head with a toothpick. The head was then stuck to the body and laid out to dry for 2 days. After the body was dry, it was poked with dowels and inserted into the skirt of the cake. I added the crown jewels, the eyes the mouth, the chest jewel and a bit of extra hair, the gloves and earring by piping small amounts of buttercream onto the arranged cake.

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