Coolest Princess Tiana Doll Cake

I made this Princess Tiana Doll Cake for my daughter’s fourth birthday. We had a princess tea party. We had elements from all the Disney princesses at the party. We also had iced tea (Texas in the summer requires cold beverages) and lemonade in plastic coffee/tea cups. This was my very first doll cake and my first time using fondant. Also, my AC was going out so all this was done in an 85 degree kitchen.

I already had a princess Tiana doll from last Christmas so I used that. I washed her and wrapped her in a plastic twist tie bag because I ran out of plastic wrap. I used 3 Duncan Hines golden vanilla cake mixes and added one large box of pudding to the mix. I also used an extra egg for each cake to create moist and slighter denser cake. I used two Anchor mixing bowls and one 10 inch spring form pan to create a cake tall enough to accommodate the doll’s legs. I made a cream cheese butter cream because I prefer the taste. However, in hindsight a butter cream with more shortening and little to no cream cheese would have been a better choice due to the weather and humidity on the day of the party.

I split each “bowl” cake into two layers and filled and crumb coated the cake. I then inserted the doll and put in the fridge to chill. For the skirt, I wanted to leave some of the butter cream exposed at the bottom for the pale yellow portion of the dress. However I added too much color and ended up with something more mustard yellow so I had to color it a darker green color.

I then colored the fondant using Wilton leaf green and lemon yellow. I cut out large leaf shapes and applied them in layers around the cake. The bodice was the most difficult part. After I few tries I was able to cut out a one piece and wrapped it around her upper body and overlapped it in the back and covered the seam with a rose cut from fondant. Finally I used green sparkle gel for shimmer and shine but I combined with the heat this made the cake look a little wet.

While it wasn’t exactly how I had hoped it would look, the birthday girl loved the cake and loved that she had her own big cake for the party. I plan to make more cakes using fondant and testing butter cream recipes that give merge perfect mix of stability versus taste. Post your comments and suggestions. I am a newbie and trying to learn so your comments are welcomed.

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