Coolest Princess Tiana Dress Cake

Of all the Disney Princesses, we like Princess Tiana the best. Her dresses are great and we wanted to do both the white (2nd wedding dress) and the iconic green wedding dress but it wasn’t that big a party and we only needed a small cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. We went with the green wedding dress, it inspired the whole party.

The cake itself was just the dress, as if on a form waiting to be put on. I sketch out how I would build the cake after looking at the dress detail on the party goody bag. I made a simple cream cake from scratch and baked it in my Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl and a small round pan (to add extra height at top of dress). Overall height was about 12 inches. After a crumb coat and some chill time in the fridge, I covered it in a good layer of pale yellow-green butter cream icing. Kids prefer more butter cream than fondant so I wanted them to have enough below all the fondant detail. Then I added individual fondant leaves/petals in pale yellow to the front followed by larger pale green ones.

I used my fondant tools from Wilton to mark the lines into the fondant so it would look more like leaves. I added a dark green fondant vine and topped that with a flower.

The flower took the most time to make. I started while the cake was baking and had to leave it in an egg carton section over a glass (to accommodate the toothpick) to dry in just the right shape. Next I formed the center ball on a toothpick before adding the petals I cut from the fondant so I could push it into the cake at an angle to secure it to the front. I dusted the flower, vine and front of the dress with shimmer powder for a little sparkle.

If I had to do this Princess Tiana Dress Cake again, I’d roll the final layer of green petals as one large piece that I cut out like a coat to wrap the lower petals on the cake. That would have eliminated some of the extra lines that I didn’t have time to disguise on this cake.

Overall it turned out great and the birthday girl loved having a cake to match her dress.

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