Coolest Pumpkin Cake

My son was born on Halloween so for his 1st birthday I made a Pumpkin Cake. I used 2 bundt pans, one on the bottom with the rounded side down and the other on top with the rounded side up. I used icing in the center and the outside. I used food coloring to make the icing orange.

I used a green colored wafer cone for the stem and green squeeze icing for the leaves. It was pretty easy and everyone was very impressed. To cover the not-so neat bottom edge, I used candy corn to decorate.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Pumpkin Cake”

  1. Hey there! Just came across your cake and wow, what a great job you did! My little boy’s Birthday is in a few weeks and I’ve been planning his pumpkin cake for his party! Your picture and instructions are great and it makes me want to go out today and try a test cake! :) Great job, and thanks for posting! ~Jennie

  2. What a great idea! I also have a son born on Halloween (turning 10 tomorrow!) and I’m going to attempt to make this cake as a surprise for him. Thanks for the inspiration!

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