Coolest Puppy Birthday Cake

This Puppy Birthday Cake was made with several different cakes. The body was made using half of a Wilton egg pan with a small round cake added to the top for extra height. The head was also made using half of the egg pan with a small cake added to the top.

The arms and legs were made from an 8inch cake and cut to shape. I covered the puppy with fondant. I also used an edible image for the bow and heart. It was a really fun and easy cake.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Puppy Birthday Cake”

  1. My daughter has a stuffed puppy that goes everywhere with her. This cake looks just like it! I would love to make it for her 2nd birthday. I’m not sure how good I am with fondant. I’ve never used it. I’m thinking the bow/ears will be difficult.

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