Coolest Puppy Birthday Cake

This Puppy Birthday Cake was my first 3D cake that I made. It was for my friend’s little girl’s birthday. My mom had just sent me the pans and I was eager to try one out so I offered to make it for her.

When my mom said to grease and flour the pan I thought…that’s how my grandma did it in the days before Pam cooking spray lol. But boy was she right, that didn’t work at all. The cake stuck to all the spots in the pan, so the next try was much more successful when I listened to mom.

I greased the pan good with shortening and floured it, poured the batter in and baked it with my fingers crossed. It would work. And when I got it out of the oven flipped it onto the board and there it was with all its parts intact.

It killed me to have to wait for it to cool before I could frost it. But I did and it turned out super cute.