Coolest Purse Birthday Cake Design

My daughter wanted a “girly” cake with makeup and jewelry. So I thought a purse cake would be perfect! I looked through all of the cakes on THIS website and got several different ideas. I ended up with this Purse Birthday Cake Design with money, jewelry and makeup showing.

The cake is 3 layers made from 9 x 9 round pans. I layered them vertically to get the height and shape I wanted. When I cut the opening of the purse to hold the “stuff”, the sides tried to fall away. So I had to hurry and put the fondant on. For the fondant I made some marshmallow fondant. It was YUMMY! But it doesn’t dry stiff like regular fondant. So it didn’t help hold it up very much. I had to place some cardboard next to the cake and brace it with some heavy glasses and hoped that it would set up a little. Which it did by the next day.

On the think rope of fondant around the opening, I pressed flit and used a knife to mark lines all the way around to look like a zipper.

I used a Push Pop without the lid as the lipstick, a couple of candy necklaces, chocolate coins, and a couple of Ring Pops. The handles are Laffy Taffy ropes. I placed a princess crown and wand next to the cake, and used the store bought “happy birthday” candy pieces to fill in the space on the platter. I glued on candy flowers with frosting.

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