Coolest Purse Birthday Cake

I’d been making cakes for my kids since my oldest’s first birthday, and discovered I had knack for it. As these things do, word got around and my hair dresser asked me to make “an amazing and beautiful” cake for her daughter who was turning 21, but feeling down in the dumps since she was pregnant. I asked what kind of cake was wanted and was told, “Whatever you want. Make it bright and blingy.”

I thought for a few days and had an epiphany. What girl doesn’t love a designer purse? The cake received an even better reaction than I had hoped! Not only did they both love the look and taste, mom and daughter both started “advertising” for me! Because of them, my little hobby has begun to pay out. I did my first wedding cake last month (an elegant tiered thing with a mud pit, camouflage, and hunter orange ribbon), it wasn’t easy to figure out how to blend all the elements in an eye pleasing ensemble, but I pulled it off!

I made it by stacking two 8 inch rounds and cutting the top and bottom off. Then I flipped it up on one of the cut sides and covered it in butter cream then marshmallow fondant I had pre-scored. The handle is made of gum paste glued on with meringue powder. I used balls of aluminum foil to keep it up until it dried then removed them. The initials and trim are gum paste with plastic diamonds.