Coolest Purse Cake

This purse cake was for my little sister’s 13th birthday. I know it isn’t as good as some of the other cakes on the site but I decided to take my chances since it’s my first fondant cake & the fondant itself wasn’t good & kept cracking.

I took the idea from a cake decoration book I wanted to buy. I saw the photo on as it was the cover of the book & decided it’s a good challenge for me to make it without any instructions, so I did.

I got a rectangle vanilla cake, cut it in 4 strips & stacked them on top of each other after putting chocolate filling between each layer. Then I started shaping it like a purse by cutting the angles & making it dome-like from both front & back.

Then I rolled the fondant into a big circle (honestly don’t know any dimensions)then cut part of the circle to make the top part of the cake. I put the fondant around the cake leaving only a small area uncovered on top & I pressed it lightly & removed the excess fondant. from the excess fondant I molded the ribbon & the handle & left them to dry.

I took the part I cut from the fondant circle & placed it on top of the cake to create the lid. I used a small fork to make the stitches-like marks on the tip & the ribbon. I glued the ribbon using some soft fondant & left it to dry while the handle was drying. After it was all dry I made 2 grooves on the top of the cake & placed the handle gluing it with some more soft fondant.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Purse Cake”

  1. I love this cake, and considering you did it without any instructions it’s even more clever. very pretty and a good idea for when my daughter’s about 7. Thanks.

  2. To begin with, the cake looks good regardless of the fondant cracking a little. Second, whoever you make your cake for is going to love it anyway because you took the time and effort and they know that they can’t do it because of the combined level of talent, skill and patience that it takes. Third, fondant’s not always the first choice for icing anyway because of the texture and not-so-great taste. However, if you are going to use it, usually when it cracks like that it’s either rolled too thin or needs to be kneaded a little more. If that doesn’t work, try smoothing it out with a damp brush.


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