I was asked to make a cake for my aunt’s 75th birthday and cousin. I decided to make a purse cake because I had just taken the Craftsy “Handbag” course by Ellisa Strauss. I followed her instructions but I still managed to carve more than I needed to carve off the cake and changed the style of the handbag (don’t be too hard on me because this was my first time carving a purse cake!!).

I was getting very nervous about not having enough cake to feed the amount of people I needed to feed so I decided to make a different style of purse. It worked out because the purse ended up being my own design and creation and that felt good. I then decided to make a shoe to match but, of course, at the party I noticed that the shoe looked odd next to the purse because it was not facing the opposite way but I was assured by my husband that I was probably the only one noticing that!  I guess he was right!

Anyhow, everyone at the party was very impressed and thought the cake was a real purse. I even had someone come and tell me that the cake was awesome and wanted my business card so that made up for all the stress I went through!