Coolest Python Snake Cake

This Python Snake Cake just wow-ed the party! The body is just like any other snake cake – bunt cakes work the best, but if you get fancy and use sheet cakes, you can add gummy worms in the layers as guts. The poof was the zillion milk chocolate, white chocolate & butterscotch chips the 100% covered the body to make the scales.

The trick is frost it all with chocolate icing, lay the white chocolate chips down as a pattern, then fill in with the milk chocolate & butterscotch chips. This one we made was over 6′ long! It was really cool to look at – very realistic! Plus it served a whole lot of folks.

Get ready – it takes hours to get all the chips on. Suggest friends to help! Also, if it is warm out, the chips do melt a bit. We transported this in a Suburban with the A/C cranked on high.

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