Coolest R2D2 Birthday Cake

I made this R2D2 Birthday Cake for my son for his 5th Birthday. He loves Star Wars and he really wanted an R2D2 cake. It has 4 layers of home made vanilla cake (which is a little denser than store bought and a whole lot better tasting) and one layer of chocolate on top. The dome was made by using the Wilton Soccer cake pan. It was the perfect size especially with the 8″ pans I used for the body.

The legs are rice crispy treats. We used a glass bowl turned upside down for the cake to rest on so it would look like it was resting on its legs. It is covered it pieces of gum paste I cut out. The icing is buttercream frosting and I got the gray color by using red, blue, green and yellow, getting the desired dark gray and adding white icing to make it lighter. Buttercream is the best.

The whole cake weighed about 40 lbs., but it tasted delicious.

3 thoughts on “Coolest R2D2 Birthday Cake”

  1. Your cake looks awesome!!! congratulations. I see a tremendous pastry chef in the making… I may see you one day on Food Network!

  2. My son thought this was the coolest cake ever now he wants one for his b-day—next Feb–lol. Great job.


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