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Coolest Race Track 2nd Birthday Cake

To celebrate my son’s 2nd birthday I made my first ever fancy cake: a race track cake. It’s a chocolate sheet cake recipe copied from the back of Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa box frosted with 7-minute white frosting which I colored green. For the race track I outlined number ‘2’ and flooded it with chocolate fudge frosting topped with crushed Oreo chocolate chip cookies to resemble dirt. Then I used white jimmies candy sprinkles (I chose the long ones) to create the track. Sooo easy!

I topped the cake with new car toys and surrounded the side with Oreo cookies to cover the imperfection. They look like tires too, don’t you think? Then I added a California plate with his name on it. It was a party just for the three of us and he had fun licking on the Oreo cookies, the chocolate frosting and “driving” his cars on the track. He loved it! Talk about eating your cake and playing with it too!

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