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Coolest Race Track Cake

A friend asked me to make her a cake for her son’s first birthday. The party was to be a Nascar theme. I checked out your site and used a few ideas from it and came up with a few of my own for this Race Track Cake.

I used a horseshoe cake pan and made four cakes, two in vanilla, two in chocolate, and cut the tops off with a cake leveler so they would be flat. You can ice in between with frosting or use a filling, and put the double-layered cakes end to end to make the “S” shape.

I frosted the cake with green icing to resemble grass. I took apart Oreo cookies and used them around the sides to look like tires, with white frosting in the centers. I used a decorating tip to pipe the frosting in thin lines around the tires to look like grass.

I then crumbled Oreo cookies (without the frosting centers) and spread them on the top of the cake to resemble gravel. I glued colored paper onto toothpicks to make the flags and bought the candles and cars in a dollar store.

For the “stands” and “spectators” I made a 13 X 9 cake, and sliced the top off to level it to about an inch thick. Then cut three pieces about 2, 4 and 6 inches wide to layer into the stands. After icing it, I used gummy bears to be “spectators”.

I used some of the leftover cake tops to make the mound to put the name on, the lettering is chocolate made in a candy mold.

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  1. To answer your question, I don’t believe they are different heights, it’s probably just the angle of the camera that makes it look that way.


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