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Cool Homemade Number 3 Racetrack Birthday Cake

I made this Racetrack Birthday Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. We had about 25 people to feed, so I made two 2 layer 9 inch round cakes. One is a cream cheese pound cake and the other is a chocolate mousse cake. I put the two cakes next to each other, then frosted them both with icing that I dyed green with food dye and put green sprinkles on top to make it look more the texture of grass.

(A little trick when you are icing that I recently learned – put strips of wax paper under the edges of the cake before you ice, then pull them out when you are done, and there won’t be any icing on your tray)

To make the road in the shape of the number 3 I used crushed Oreos (crushed them, put them in the blender, then sifted them to get them very finely crushed). I used a funnel to put the Oreo crumbs on the cake in the shape of a three. Then I used tubed white icing for writing to outline the road in white and make the lines to divide the road.

To make the finish line, I wrote FINISH on a piece of white paper then glued each end to a toothpick.

Finally, I used mini Cars toys and three candles to put the last touches on the cake.

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