Cool Homemade Racing Car Cake

Our eldest boy wanted a racing car cake for his 9th birthday and I have always made plain cakes so I wanted to give this a go for him. This was my first attempt at making this cake and I was really worried it wouldn’t turn out.

His favourite colour was orange so I made the icing butter cream and added some orange food colouring and orange essence for flavour. I piped the icing on. The cake inside was chocolate and I hand drew the shape of the car on to an A4 piece of paper and traced it on top of a rectangle shaped cake.

I used a sharp knife to cut away the shape of the car. I used pins to secure the picture on to the cake. The outlining of the cake and door etc is liquorice straps and I used smarties for the number 9. The wheels are liquorice also but you could use chocolate biscuits if you prefer.

The cake turned out yummy and tasted like Jaffa with the orange and chocolate. Our boy was very impressed with his racing car.