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Cool Homemade Rag Doll Cake

This Rag Doll cake was made for my granddaughter Rachel’s 5th birthday which she loved and did not want to cut into it. I made this cake by firstly making 1 large basin cake for the body and 2 small pudding cakes for the head.

I placed the large pudding cake on cake board cut in half, filled with butter cream then covered it in butter cream. I then joined the 2 smaller pudding cakes together with butter cream and again covered them in butter cream.

I then placed fondant over the large basin cake, covering it and letting it drape onto board, then placed a dowel through the body and covered 2 small basin cakes in flesh colored fondant, not worrying about how tidy the back of the head was as I knew the hair would cover this.

I then made 2 arms out of fondant and facial features and feet. Lastly adding brown fondant for the hair and adding bow to both dress and hair.

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