Coolest Rainbow Birthday Cake

I spent a lot of time looking at other cake ideas and just put together what I liked the most for a Rainbow Birthday Cake . To start with I made up the cake batter, I make one from scratch but you can use a packet mix too and then separated it into 6 bowls and added the colours – I used the Wilton gel pastes as they result in intense colours.

And then I started to layer the coloured batter batches until the cake was ready for baking. The cake didn’t rise as much as it was meant to, so I had to bake two cakes and forgot the order in which I layered the coloured batter – oops!

Once the cakes were cool, I sandwiched them together with buttercream frosting and then I frosted the outside of the cake, with the same frosting. Next I used Smarties to make the rainbow, multi-coloured cachous and edible glitter for the finishing decorative touch and finally I gently pressed hundreds and thousands onto the sides to cover any mistakes!

It was a huge hit and everyone was surprised when I cut it open and the colours were revealed!


2 thoughts on “Coolest Rainbow Birthday Cake”

  1. but the blue and the green rows are suppose to be switched just for future reference lol…. just remember ROY G. BIV Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Vilot.

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