I spent a lot of time looking at other cake ideas and just put together what I liked the most for a Rainbow Birthday Cake . To start with I made up the cake batter, I make one from scratch but you can use a packet mix too and then separated it into 6 bowls and added the colours – I used the Wilton gel pastes as they result in intense colours.

And then I started to layer the coloured batter batches until the cake was ready for baking. The cake didn’t rise as much as it was meant to, so I had to bake two cakes and forgot the order in which I layered the coloured batter – oops!

Once the cakes were cool, I sandwiched them together with buttercream frosting and then I frosted the outside of the cake, with the same frosting. Next I used Smarties to make the rainbow, multi-coloured cachous and edible glitter for the finishing decorative touch and finally I gently pressed hundreds and thousands onto the sides to cover any mistakes!

It was a huge hit and everyone was surprised when I cut it open and the colours were revealed!