Coolest Rainbow Birthday Cake

This idea came from my 5-year-old and my husband. She wanted a rainbow birthday cake for her 5th birthday party and my hubby suggested using Skittles for the colors.

I just made a HUGE round cake, cut it in half and cut the inside of the half circle out to form the shape. Then using a 9×13 inch cake, I cut out two cloud shapes and added them to the bottom of the rainbow. I frosted the entire cake with white frosting (my favorite is cream cheese frosting).

Then, I covered the rainbow with Skittles. I had to use the giant 42 oz. bag to get enough red candies. But, there were no blue Skittles, so I had to buy a large bag of the berry flavor Skittles that come in the purple bag. The clouds were made with miniature marshmallows.

The result was very bright and beautiful! You could also use M&Ms if you like the chocolate, but you’d have to find purple M&Ms somewhere.

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  2. Lovely idea and very well done…but cant imagine eating cake and cream cheese frosting with the chewy texture of the candy. Will try this with balls of colored fondant and vanilla frosting!

  3. Do you need to pop the candy on at the last minute to avoid colour bleeding or can they be done the day before? I was thinking of using smarties. Hope you can help. Thanks

  4. I love this cake, and my daughter said she wanted a rainbow cake for her 6th birthday. I have six colored candles the same color as the rainbow. It is great!

  5. My daughter just asked for a rainbow cake for her 8th birthday this Sunday – this looks so easy its the one I will be making…. skittles what a great idea

  6. What a gr8 idea 4 a cake my fav color is rainbow and my birthday is on valentines day so i don’t want a valentine cake. I love this idea so much the color is the best idea I was looking on the internet to see if I could find a birthday cake and i found this! thanx for the idea so much!!! :)

  7. My 4 year old is turning 5 next month & wants a rainbow cake I thought I was going to have to order her 1 until I seen this 1… I knew this was the cake I was going to make for her birthday as soon as I saw it she is a chocoholic so we will use m&ms!!! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  8. Thanks so much for great idea. We just finished my daughter’s 4th bday party with a rainbow theme and the cake was so cute! She loved it.

  9. You just made my day with this design. I thought I was going to have to spend the next 2 days making one of those 6 layer rainbow cakes, but this is much more ‘do-able’. I can even make one large cake and turn it into the 2 rainbow cakes I need for 2 parties! Thanks for sharing.

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