Coolest Rainbow Brite Cake

This is a Rainbow Brite cake a family friend made for my birthday when I was little. I have been a Rainbow Brite fan for as long as I can remember!! I wanted it to look as much like the cartoon as possible, so the decorator had to watch a couple minutes of an episode to get the right colors.

It was really easy to make. You just follow the direction that come with the pan and all you need is a decorator bag with a star tip for the icing.

She used a square cake pan and mixed the colors to match the cartoon. Then she made little stars to fill in the pattern with icing following the instructions that came with the shaped pan that she had (shaped cake not big enough to feed my family). Just use regular yellow cake mix, or whatever your favorite cake mix is. I recently bought the Rainbow Brite shaped pan on eBay so I can make it myself now for my daughter.

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