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Coolest Rainbow Cake

This rainbow cake is the first cake I did at the cake classes I am taking. It uses Wilton supplies and techniques.

I started with a 2 layer 9″ round Duncan Hines strawberry cake that cooled, was chilled, trimmed and filled with vanilla store bought pudding.

I then covered the cake with light blue thin consistency buttercream frosting. Chilled again to set icing quick and using a Viva paper towel I smoothed out the cake to get a nice, smooth surface.

At class I traced a rainbow pattern using piping gel on wax paper, transferred that to my cake by turning the paper over on top of cake, centering and using a brush to press the gel to the cake.

Next I used medium consistency buttercream in 4 colors (red, yellow, green and purple) for the rainbow using a #16 star tip and making 2 rows of stars for each color starting at the top.

After that I used medium consistency. White with same tip for the clouds to drop a straight line at bottom of rainbow on each end then went back over with a “fluffy, full” zigzag trying to start a bit narrow, then widening in middle and back to narrow (still working on that). Then putting a small zigzag on top for a fuller cloud. I then placed white stars around the base.

I finished the cake with medium consistency. Blue and #3 tip to write the words. I didn’t center the first word thinking I might have room for 2 words on first row. Oh well. I’ll know better next time.

I had a great time making this cake and was amazed at the ease of it. The most time consuming part was making the icing and dividing it into the colors that I needed. It tasted very good and I used a slightly different buttercream to improve taste but was still too sweet for my taste. I plan to research this more and find a good one.

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