Coolest Rainbow Cake

I made this Rainbow Cake for my daughter’s second birthday, which had a rainbow theme. For the cake layers, I mixed up the equivalent of three white cake batters (from scratch) and then tinted each of the 6 layers with Wilton gel food coloring. I made red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple layers.

I was generous with the food coloring, although the red turned out a little more dark pink than red. You might need to use a different brand of gel food coloring to get a true red. I baked each layer separately in 9″ cake pans, then I froze the layers so they’d be easier to frost. You may have to adjust the baking time for the layers since they’re half the size of normal layers.

For the frosting, I made a homemade white butter cream for the inside layers and outside. Because the cake looked so plain, I added rainbow confetti on the top.

It didn’t look like much on the outside, but once the cake was sliced, it was gorgeous. We served it on rainbow paper plates. My daughter loved the cake and so did our guests.

Homemade Rainbow Cake