Coolest Rainbow Surprise Birthday Cake

I wanted to give my best friend and her daughter a surprise birthday cake to share. I had a slight brain wave and came up with the idea of a Rainbow Surprise Birthday Cake, stacked layers with each one been a different colour. I did one yellow, orange, blue, purple, red and green.

Once cooled I stacked them up with a layer of buttercream and then stuck a large dowel stick to keep it in place, then gave the cake a buttercream crumb coating before leaving it in the fridge to set.

Once left overnight I then added another buttercream frosting all over and then threw ( and I mean threw them ) hundreds and thousands.

I didn’t tell my best friend or her daughter what I had done but just said then I needed a photo. I had a phone call to say WOW, how did you do that? They both loved it and I think it’s a hit with anyone you would want to surprise.

(Use white sponge mix as the colours will be more vibrant).


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  1. Food coloring. Gels usually work best, but you can also use regular (cheaper) liquid food coloring. Wilson’s gel’s work best of all, but are also the most expensive.

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