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Coolest Ranch Salad Dressing Cake

I made this Ranch Salad Dressing Cake for my niece (her nickname is Moe) who loves Ranch salad dressing. I baked the cake in a 9x13in pan then after it cooled I wrapped it in plastic wrap then tin foil and put it in the freezer over night. This makes it easier to cut.

I just looked at a bottle of ranch and cut. I then put on the crumb coat and put it back in the freezer for a few hrs. This keeps the crumbs in while you ice the cake! I used starburst for the tomato and peppers and all I could find was Swedish fish (didn’t work so well but it was all I had at the time. She loved it.

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  1. You did still wonderful job. this gives me some ideas for my husband birthday. He’s crazy over ketchup bottle, he eats it with anything. This looks good idea for him and easy because so I can make it out of 13×9 cake pan, which is good news for me. I might try recommand buttercream icing and/or wilton tube icing. I might try do that and post it up here when his birthday comes up in May. Thanks!


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