Coolest Rapunzel Barbie Birthday Cake

My daughter fell in love with a Barbie cake at a local grocery store and wanted one for her 3rd birthday. I began searching the internet for ideas and to see if it was really something I could pull off. Thanks to this website I found the courage to attempt one of my own!

My daughter decided on a Rapunzel birthday theme so I bought a Barbie to get started. I used a Pyrex bowl and a round cake pan for the dress. It didn’t end up being tall enough so I ripped off Rapunzel’s legs. I then wrapped her in saran wrap. I used butter cream frosting between the cakes and on the outside of them. I dyed some fondant purple and made her dress. I wrapped a small piece around her torso for the top of her dress. The next morning I used decorating tips to design the dress in white and pink butter cream frosting.

Tips: Turn the oven down lower and bake longer when using a Pyrex bowl. Put Barbi’s hair in a small Ziploc baggie until frosting dries. Make an extra round cake in case it isn’t tall enough and you don’t want to rip off Barbi’s legs. Get the fondant at the right consistency to make it easier to roll out.

Advice: I have never baked a cake in anything except a 13×9 cake pan. I have never used fondant. I have never used bags and decorating tips until a week before to practice. Improvise where needed and just breathe! I almost threw my cake away when a lot things didn’t go as planned but it made me appreciate the final product even more. I’m so glad I didn’t because I love how it turned out and my daughter was very happy with it! Watch videos on YouTube and read lots of stories on here and you will be able to do this too, especially if I was able to! Good luck!

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  1. Your cake is so beautifully done that I thought you had to be one of the fondant experts! I just recently got into cake decorating and fondant is my next step.


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