My to be 4 year old daughter wanted a Rapunzel cake. I looked at pics on the internet to come up with the idea. I purchased a little Rapunzel doll from Toys r Us. I baked a 9×13 cake from scratch (she has egg allergies). The Bulk Barn had chocolates that looked like pebbles that I used for the pathway.

I made a batch of rice krispies that I molded into a tower shape with the help of a lightly greased sheet of wax paper and some water close by to dip my fingers in to stop it from sticking to my hands. I inserted a flat bottomed chocolate dipped cone into the tower while it was still a bit warm. I stuck toothpicks into the back half of the dipped cone to be able to set the waffle pointy cone on. Icing helped to “glue” the waffle cone in place. I dusted the tower with cocoa. Put Rapunzel in the dipped cone and decorated it.

All my icing is homemade butter cream icing. The tower was made a day in advance, it needs to harden. And no, we didn’t eat the tower!