Coolest Rapunzel from Tangled Cake

So, as promised, here is attempt # 2 at Homemade Rapunzel from Tangled Cake. I had about 2 hours to decorate this time so I think it worked out better. I did everything basically the same. I started with the Wilton Wonder Doll mold. I did use pudding and milk to dense up the boxed mix and I liked the results.

After baking I cut off the bottom so it would sit flat and put a coat of icing on it. I then stuck it in the fridge to harden a little bit. I used homemade marshmallow fondant this time which worked fine in the end, but was a little frustrating to get to the consistency that I like. (Hint: use a little Pam instead of powdered sugar for rolling.) I dyed the fondant 2 shades of purple, a little light pink, and left a little bit white. I rolled out dark purple for the skirt and laid it over the cake, then light purple for the middle section, cut it in a triangle and laid it on top of the purple. Stuck Rapunzel in the cake at a slight angle so she wouldn’t be to tall. Made the bodice out of the 2 purples. For the puff sleeves I just made a ball of purple fondant then bent it a little and put skinny stripes of pink on it. I used a pizza cutter to cut all of the fondant this time which worked great. Especially for the small stuff. I will always use a pizza cutter from now on.

For the lace I used a round icing tip at an angle and pushed it through the fondant to cut the scalloped edge (I think you can buy a cutter that will cut lots of different edges, but I don’t have one.) Then I used a star tip to stamp little holes to make it look like lace. (I tried to take a close up so you can see how it looked.) Last of all I painted on the design with a little food coloring mixed with a teeny bit of water and let it dry.

It turned out really well.

Homemade Rapunzel from Tangled Cake

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  1. The cake is absolutely gorgeous. You did such a clean professional-looking job on it. Thanks for the wonderful directions and tips. I’m going to attempt this for our granddaughter’s 4th birthday next week, and really appreciate your help.


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