Coolest Rapunzel Lantern Birthday Cake

I wanted something a little bit different. My daughter’s third birthday theme was her favorite princess, Rapunzel and I saw a lot of the flat cakes with Rapunzel on top. I had a Rapunzel figurine and figured, this was worth a shot.

I made the cake homemade and doubled the recipe. I separated the cake into six bowls and colored them individually for a Rainbow surprise. I used a 9×3″ cake pan. This made the perfect shape/size for the lantern. I then layered it when cooled. I put icing in between the layers. I did have to level a few of them off.

I then iced the whole cake tower. I rolled out prepared fondant covering the sides. I then added a round piece on top and using a little bit of water, molded the edges together. I then sprayed the fondant with ColorMist Spray Color. I used yellow, orange, and purple.

**I would recommend putting aside enough time for the colors to dry. I tried to layer the colors too soon because I was short on time, and it started to run so I couldn’t do the color pattern I had pictured in my head. I wanted to spray the bottom orange with wisps of purple to show the lantern is lit.

I cut out the sun and sprayed it purple. When it dried, I added it to the wall.

I added Rapunzel on top. I rolled out three rolls of fondant and braided it. I added it to the side and wrapped it around. I then decorated it with flowers with bag and tips which perfectly hid the imperfections. The green bow is a ribbon. I wrote her name and “Happy Birthday” on the side.

IT was a major hit  six hours spent.. but the kids were SO impressed!! My daughter still talks about it. The small piece on the right is my daughter’s contribution to her sister’s cake and not part of the original

Homemade Rapunzel Lantern Birthday Cake

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