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Cool Homemade Rapunzel Tower Birthday Cake

This Rapunzel Tower cake took me around 6 hours to make. I bought the doll, but everything else is homemade and edible. The tower is made out of rice krispie treats, I just put a dowel in the middle and a platform at the base where it meets the cake. I then covered in a light layer of frosting and covered with homemade butter cream fondant. I just rolled little odd shaped balls and pressed them to the tower to give it a pebble look.

As for the rest of the cake, it’s the standard size Wilton cake pans and I doubled them. I then frosted them with my homemade butter cream frosting. This was a fun cake to make, the only stressful part was making sure I had enough dowels so it could support the tower. I smoothed the two tiers by running my spatula under warm water then drying it off with a towel and making my swipes then repeating the motions. The trick is to always have a warm spatula…it works really great!!

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