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Coolest Rat Birthday Cake

My son is rat mad and has 5 male pet rats of his own, so when his birthday came around really didn’t have to think about it very long. I based the shape and colouring of his Homemade Rat Birthday Cake on his favourite rat “Bolt”.

First I baked a marble (choc and vanilla) cake in a loaf pan using a basic Madeira method. Once cool I refrigerated it overnight to make it easier to carve.

The next day I shaped the cake into a kind of elongated egg shape with a serrated knife. Then I iced the cake all over with a basic buttercream in natural colouring. I left that to set a little and then used a piping bag to apply the hood colouring. I used a fork to add the texture to the coat of the rat.

The nose and ears and tail were made out of pink fondant icing and little white teeth out of fondant too. Dark chocolate chips for the eyes and finally spaghetti whiskers. He is sitting on a fondant “hammock” with paw prints painted on with food colouring and the candles are sitting in a clean rat bowl filled with cake offcuts and iced to match the cake.

Thanks for looking at my little cake!

Homemade Rat Birthday Cake

Homemade Rat Birthday Cake

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