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Cool Homemade Ratatouille Cake

My 2 year old daughter is obsessed with Ratatouille, so I had to make her a “Touille cake” for her birthday. The idea started with having her stuffed rat standing next to a cheesecake, then it snowballed from there.

The bottom layer is a vanilla cake with fudge icing. I trimmed the top off the cake and flipped it over so the new top would be even for putting on the decorations.

The “cheese” and the “soup” pot are made from strawberry cake and iced with buttercream icing (colored with food coloring). I made the cheese in a Pyrex bowl, and the soup from two ramekins on top of one another. The top part of the soup pot is carved out. Inside the soup pot is more buttercream icing and lots of food-type candies.

The “grapes” are cherry gumballs and sour apple gummy rope that I trimmed to look like leaves and tendrils.

The rat is standing on the cheese but with a plastic straw inserted into its body and through the cheese to prop him upright. I made the hat from paper and tape.

A good tip is to freeze the cakes before you cut them. It made it much easier to work with frozen cake.

Cool Homemade Ratatouille Cake

Cool Homemade Ratatouille Cake

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