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Coolest Raw Steak Cake

A coworker is a huge meat eater and I surprised her with a raw steak cake at work. I used 2 9inch round pans, stacked one on the other with icing between and then refrigerated to make stiff. I drew up an idea from steak cakes that I found online and then cut off around the stacked cakes to give it the right shape.

I used Wilton store-bought red because I really wanted it to look rich, and then just regular white icing, buttercream Wilton would work. I piped the basic red shapes, filled them in and iced them flat, leaving a little space for the white marbling between the segments. I

iced the exterior and then piped in the white and used a thin spatula to smooth it out and blend just a little. The big surprise was that when you cut into it, it was red velvet cake and bright red!